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Dice Tower & Dice Tray Gift Set - Kraken Cthulhu

Dice Tower & Dice Tray Gift Set - Kraken Cthulhu

Perfect for table top games where you will be throwing dice, our dice tray & tower gift sets give your dice the perfect droll and help keep them on the table and not rolling on the floor, under the sofa or in the dog – Our trays mean your game pieces, scenery or armies are safe from over exuberant throws, whilst our towers  give 3 felt lined baffles worth of tumbling before depositing your die into the tray.


Laser cut for a precision finish, our dice trays & towers are engraved with one of our licensed designs, cut from oak veneer & then hand finished with oil & wax to give a natural and warm vibe before being assembled.   


The internal surfaces and baffles of the dice tower are lined with felt to deaden the noise.


The tower has slots cut to the front to enable it to sit over the wall of the dice tray.


Dice tray - 220mm x 295mm     
Dice Tower - 100mm x 100mm x 272mm


The tower can be positioned over the dice tray walls at either side or at the end facing the dice holder.


Both the Dice Tray and Tower can be bought separately - but note the separate dice tower does not have the slots in the side to enable it to fit over the dice tray in the future.    


There are also other DND items that compliment this set available on our website as shown in the photos.  


Designed and made in the UK by us at Oakdene Laser Crafts 


We only make your order once it is received, as a result we allow  5 working days from when you order to when we can dispatch.  Our dice trays are sent 2nd class Royal Mail Signed for your peace of mind.


NOTE: Dice shown in photos are NOT included. This listing is for the dice tray & dice tower only. Other items available from our website.


Designs are owned by Oakdene Laser Crafts and copying them for resale as digital files or finished products is not permitted. 

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