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Stunning Dice Trays.  Perfect for table top games where you will be throwing dice, our dice trays help keep your dice on the table and not rolling on the floor, under the sofa or in the dog – Our trays mean your game pieces, scenery or armies are safe from over exuberant throws.


Laser cut for a precision finish, our dice trays have a fantastic illuminated look from the combinations of layered translucent acrylics which capture light and give an effect that seems to light up the edges making them glow with colour, or glint like clear cut crystal. 


The trays are topped with a chic looking Matt Black Acrylic which is also very practical as it resists fingerprint smudges and light scratches.  The base of the tray is handsome Oak Veneered MDF which has been laser engraved with one of our licenced base designs and then hand finished by us with quality oil and wax.  Each tray comes fully assembled and has quality 3M rubber feet (Bumpons) on the base that protect your surfaces and create a grippy feel on the table.  


As if this was not enough, your tray is supplied with a colour coordinated felt inlay which can be used if you need to deaden the dice noise for a particular event or those late-night games when you don’t want to wake the kids up.  



Outside: 210mm x 210mm (8.25 inch).   

Inside : 150mm x 150mm  (6 inch)


Designed and made in the UK by us at Oakdene Laser Crafts - We are expanding our range of base designs and will soon be offering dice cups, dice towers to compliment them, as well as other tray designs and sizes.  


Ideal gift for friends and family who play Dungeons and Dragons / RPG / Warhammer / 40K / Kings of War / D&D / any game requiring dice, or why not treat yourself :) 


NOTE: Dice shown in photos are NOT included.


    I'm afraid we don't accept returns and refunds on made to order products.  However, if you order arrives damaged,  please let us know right away so we can work out the best way to help.

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