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Weaving Loom 3 rings set PLUS accessories, Round Circular Ring Hoop Lap Loom

Weaving Loom 3 rings set PLUS accessories, Round Circular Ring Hoop Lap Loom

Our Weaving Loom Ring set comprises 3 rings, along with 3 needles, instructions and a cotton tote bag.  It  is the perfect gift for the crafty person in your life.  


Inspired by a weaving project at my son’s school where they made weaving looms out of cardboard, I decided to design and make a loom from wood and we loved the result.   Our weaving looms are laser cut from 6mm thick Oak veneered MDF and hand finished in our Lincolnshire studio with oil to bring out the lovely oak grain.   The MDF core makes our looms stronger than 6mm ply we have tried, and the oak finish on both faces gives a feel of real quality.


I wanted to include as much as possible in our kit:


  • 3 x circular weaving looms
  • 1 x tall comb
  • 2 x small combs
  • 1 x medium needle
  • 1 x small needle
  • 5 x Hand Made tags (only 2 shown in the photo but you will get 5)
  • 1 x cotton tote bag for keeping your looms and wools together


The looms come in 3 sizes:


  • Small Weaving Loom Outer Diameter 148mm,  Inner Diameter 92mm
  • Medium Weaving Loom Outer Diameter 222mm,  Inner Diameter 156mm
  • Large Weaving Loom Outer Diameter 290mm,  Inner Diameter 228mm


There are many video tutorials available on YouTube, simply search 'how to weave on a circular loom' for example.


    Because your order is only made when you order it, please allow up 5 working days between order and dispatch, except DM screens which will be dispatched 10 working days from being ordered. This is because the wood needs to be cut, sanded and oiled, and this oil then takes time to dry before we can finish your order and send it off. This means if you order on a Monday, your order will be sent the following Monday for all products except DM Screens, which would be sent out 2 weeks on Monday. Any orders taken after 4pm Friday until 9am Monday will be classed as a Monday order.
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